Preface by Fr Aidan Nichols

  Blessing by Bishop Rifan


  My Dear Children


     Part 1: Your First Confession


  1:   Confession and Your Soul

  2:  About Sins and Grace

  3:  Jesus gives us Confession

  4:   The Form of Confession

  5:  Jesus, the Good Shepherd

     Part 2: Your First Holy Communion

  6:  Jesus gives us the Blessed Sacrament

  7:  Jesus dies for Us

  8:  Good Friday and Maundy Thursday

  9:  The Mass: Sacrament and Sacrifice

  10:  Welcoming Jesus

  11:  St John tells us more

  12:  Jesus 'The Good Shepherd' and 'The Sacred Heart'

     Part 3: The Background to the Blessed Sacrament

  13:  Long before Jesus came on Earth

  14:  Noah, Abraham and the Prophets

  15:  Jesus comes on Earth

  16:  Types of Christ and the Eucharist

  17:  The two Feast Days for the Blessed Eucharist


     Part 4: Prayers and Hymns   


     Part 5: Stories

   18:  Just stories

  19:  Early Christian Martyr Stories

   20:  Two Saints Augustine

   21:  St Thomas Aquinas and St Bonaventure

   22:  St Francis of Assisi

   23:  St Anthony of Padua

          Note from the Editor

          List of the Plates

          Acknowledgements for the Plates

          Select Bibliography