Plate:  Title:                   Artist or Source:

1: Jesus, I am Sorry for my Sins Kate Sherwood,

                                             painted especially for this book

2: Baptism                              Fr Davenport  

3: The Last Supper                   Leonardo da Vinci  

4: Moses with the 10 Commandments  

                                             English Mission Hospital, Jerusalem

5: The Good Shepherd               Bernhard Plockhorst

6: The Last Supper                   Andrea del Castagno  

7: The Consecration of the Host Yousuf Karsh     

8:  Pope Benedict XVI gives Holy Communion

                                             CIEL UK   

9: The Crucifixion                     Andrea Mantegna

10: The Consecration of the Chalice  CIEL UK – Bishop Henderson,                                               Ciel UK Mass, 2001

11: A Tabernacle                      Unknown

12: Noah making a Sacrifice       Anton Koch

13: First Holy Communion          Fr  Davenport

14: St John the Evangelist         Butler's Lives of the Saints  

15: St Peter                             Butler's Lives of the Saints  

16: The Good Shepherd             CBC

17: The Sacred Heart                Holy Card

18: The Expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden                                                        Masaccio

19: The Departure of Abraham   Jozsef Molnar

20: The Baby Jesus                  Holy Card

21: The Lamb of God                Cathedral of Our Lady, Los Angeles

22: Cardinal Lustiger                George Strickland

23:  The Monstrance                 Pere Claudiomar

24: Corpus Christi Procession, Campos, Brazil

                                             Pere Claudiomar

25:  Our Lady – Queen of Heaven  Diego Velazquez

26: Child praying                      Fr Davenport

27: Children kneeling in Prayer   Emile Munier

28: Jesus as a Child                  Bartolome Esteban Murillo

29: St Anthony of Padua            Holy Card

30: St Padre Pio                       Saint Pio Centre

31: St Catherine Laboure           Holy Card

32: The Return of Edmund Campion  Maureen Readings

33: Our Lady of Walsingham      Holy Card

34: Pope John Paul II                Holy Card

35: St Cecilia                           Jane Ewart

36: Dedication of St Agnes to Jesus  Andreas Praefcke

37: St Sebastian's Martyrdom     Albrecht Altdorfer  

38: St Elisabeth-Rose, Abbey of Rozoy-le-Vieil

                                             Eugene Vandebeulque

39: St Felicity and Perpetua       Gaetan Poix,

                                             Church of Notre Dame de Vierzon

40: St Augustine of Hippo          Butler's Lives of the Saints

41: Pope Gregory sends St Augustine to England

                                              Gryffindor, Westminster Cathedral

42: St Thomas Aquinas              Butler's Lives of the Saints

43: St Francis singing to the Birds  Unknown

44: San Damiano Crucifix           Sevenhoven

45: St Clare of Assisi                 Butler's Lives of the Saints

46: St Francis taming the Wolf    Peter Hall by kind permission of                                                  Maureen Readings

47: Nativity Scene                     Beato Angelico  

48: St Anthony of Padua     

49: St Anthony and the Miracle of the Severed Foot Titian   

50: St Anthony and the Mule       Domenico Beccafumi  

51: The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple

                                              Hermetiker, Church of Gutenzell

52: St Anthony and Baby Jesus   Chris Caldwell,

                                              St Anthony Medical Centre,StLouis