Plate:  Title:                Artist or Source:

The Life of Jesus

1 The Annunciation               Murillo (ca 1657) by Eloquence

2 The Adoration of the Magi   Fra Angelico by Christian Bior

3 The Infant of Prague          Unknown

4 Jesus blesses little children  Bernard Plockhorst 1825-1888

                                               by Son Praises

5 St John baptises Jesus       Giorgetti by Georges Jansoone

6 The Sermon on the Mount   James Tissot by Justass

7 Jesus walks on Water         Ivan Aivazovsky 1888

                                               by Ghirlandajo

8 The Transfiguration            Giovanni Bellini ca. 1482

                                               by Eloquence

9 The Entry into Jerusalem     Giotto di Bondone (1267-1337)

                                               by Shakko

10 The Last Supper               Juan de Juanes (C16) by Adriag

11 The Agony in the Garden   Andrea Mantegna (ca 1460)

                                               by Dmitry Rozhkov

12 Cutting off Malchus’ ear     Fra Angelico (ca 1437-46)

                                               by Eloquence

13 Jesus before Pilate            James Tissot 1894 by Concord

14 Jesus with the Crown of Thorns Anthony von Dyck

                                               (ca 1620) by Eloquence

15 Stations of the Cross – 1 & 2  St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney

                                             Unknown artist, by Jason7825

16 Stations of the Cross – 3,4,5,6 St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney,

                                             Unknown artist, by Jason7825

17 Stations of the Cross–7,8,9,10 St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney

                                             Unknown artist, by Jason7825

18 Veronica’s Veil                  Hans Memling (ca 1470)

                                                by Eloquence

19 Stations of the Cross – 11&12 St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney

                                             Unknown artist, by Jason7825

20 The Crucifixion                  Diego Velazquez (1631)

                                                by Escarlati

21 Our Lady and St John at foot of Cross Evgraf Sorokin (1873)

                                                by Dmitry Rozhkov

22 Jesus down from the Cross  Vasily Vereshchagin (1869)

                                                by Butko

23 Stations of the Cross – 13&14 St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney,

                                               Unknown artist, by Jason7825

24 The Pieta                          Michaelangelo

                                                by Stanislav Traykov

25 The Resurrection   Piero della Francesca

                                                by Dmitry Rozhkov

26 3 Marys at the tomb   Fra Angelico (ca 1442) by Eloquence

27 Peter and John at the tomb  William Hole (1908) by Shakko

28 Noli Me Tangere                Titian (ca 1512) by Eloquence

29 The Road to Emmaus         Joseph von Fuehrich (1837)

                                                 by Eloquence

30 Supper at Emmaus            Michelangelo da Caravaggio                                                  (ca1600) by Eloquence

31 Doubting Thomas              Gerard von Honthorst (Q2, C17)

                                                 by Eloquence

32 St John on the island of Patmos Pedro de Orrente (C17)

                                                 by Enrique Cordero

33 The Miraculous Draught of Fishes Raphaello Sanzio (1515)

                                                 by Michohan   

34 The Great Commission  Unknown artist by Magnus Manske

35 The Ascension                   Andrea Mantegna (ca 1461)

                                                 by Eloquence

36 The Last Judgement           Michaelangelo (C16)

                                                 by Arnaud25

Prayers, Hymns & Sayings of Jesus

37 Crucifix                             Nicole Hall

38 Our Lady                           Morton Press    

39 Notre Dame de la Confiance  Unknown artist,

                                                 from Fr Davenport

40 Saints and Angels praising Christ Fra Angelico (C15)

                                                 by Richardprins

41 Christ gives Keys of Heaven  Pietro Perugino

                                                 by Thomas Gun

42 The Good Shepherd            Jan Luyken by Phillip Medhurst

43 I am the Resurrection and the Life Unknown artist

                                                 by Toby Hudson

St Catherine Labouré

44 St Vincent de Paul              by Flll

45 Catherine Laboure              Unknown artist

46 Our Lady and St Catherine   Unknown artist

47 Our Lady holding the Globe  Unknown artist

48 The Miraculous Medal          Unknown artist

49 140 rue du Bac, Paris          by Sziklai

50 Chapelle at 140 rue du Bac  Unknown artist

51 The incorrupt body of St Catherine Labouré by Gafia

St Thérèse

52  St Thérèse writing             Aquarelle

                                                   from Carmel of Lisieux

53  The Carmel at Lisieux        Unknown artist (ca 1900)

                                                   by Patrick89

54  Louis and Zelie Martin       Unknown artist by Gerard Janot

55  Thérèse aged 3                 Unknown artist by Sannita

56  Thérèse aged 13               Unknown artist by LRE

57  Garden at Les Buissonets  Aquarelle from Carmel of                                                                               Lisieux

58  Pope Leo XIII                   Unknown artist by Szajci

59  St Thérèse                       Unknown artist (ca 1890-97)

                                                   by Lampion

60  St Thérèse helping with the washing Unknown artist (1894)

                                                   by LRE

61  St Thérèse in the garden    Unknown artist (1896)

                                                   by Moros

62  The face of St Thérèse       Unknown artist (1Oct1897)

                                                   by Patrick89

Padre Pio

63  Young Padre Pio                Unknown artist (ca 1920)

                                                   by Liftarn

64  Padre Pio – with stigmata   Unknown artist

65  San Giovanni Rotondo - as it was  Unknown artist

66  Padre Pio saying Mass        Unknown artist

67  Padre Pio in later life         Unknown artist (ca 1965)

68  Canonisation of Padre Pio – St Peters       Unknown artist

69  Canonisation of Padre Pio – The Faithful   Unknown artist


70  J H Newman                     Unknown artist (1824)

71  Littlemore, the ‘College’     Unknown artist

72  Birmingham Oratory           by Gavin Warrins

73  Newman’s study at the Birmingham Oratory  

                                            by Lastenglishking

74  Newmans’ Chapel              Unknown artist

75  Newman as Cardinal          Millais (1881) by Cavaliers