Plate:  Title:                  Artist or Source:

Our Glorious Faith

1 Christ the Redeemer overlooking Rio de Janeiro  

                                            by Felipe Menegaz

2 The Trinity                           Masaccio, 1427, from the Fresco                                                 in Santa Maria Novella,                                                 Florence, by Sailko

3 St Patrick with Shamrock  from St Joseph’s Catholic church,                                                Macon, Georgia by Pauk

4 The Annunciation                 Paolo de Matteis, 1712,

                                               by ReaverFlash

5 St John of the Cross             Anonymous 17 century artist

                                               by Goolabek

6 St Peter’s Square, Rome           by Dfmalan

7 Pope Benedict                     May 2007 by Stevertigo

8 St Peter                              from statue in St Peter’s Basilica                                                by Ttaylor

9 The Ten Commandments       Rembrandt, 1659, by Eloquence

10 The Council of Trent            from a painting in the Museo del                                             Buonconsiglio, Trento by Laurom

11 St Paul                              El Greco, ca. 1600, by Postdiff

12 Jesus teaching in the synagogue William Hole, 1908,

                                               by Shakko

13 The Resurrection                 Lucas Cranach the Younger,

                                               ca. 1558, by Torsten Schleese

14 The Last Supper                 from São Mamede de Este Church                                            in Braga, Portugal, by Jose Olgon

15 Cardinal Wiseman              from an engraving in 1860,

                                                 by Joachim Specht

16  The Last Judgment            Fra Angelico, ca. 1435, by Sailko

17 The Gate of Hell                Gustave Doré’s illustration of                                            Dante’s Inferno Plate 8:

                                           ‘Abandon all Hope Ye who enter                                            here’ by Adam Cuerden

18 The Good Samaritan           Pelegri Clavé, 1839, by Canaan

19 Archangel Michael defeats Satan  Guido Reni, 1636,

                                                 by ReaverFlash

20 Jesus tempted in the Wilderness James Tissot, ca. 1890,

                                                 in the Brooklyn Museum

21 The Martyrdom of St Lawrence Mariotto di Nardo, ca. 1400,

                                                 by Pymouss

22 Purgatory scene                 Gustave Doré’s illustration of a

                                           scene from Dante’s Purgatorio 5;

                                           an angel fighting a demon for the

                                           soul of Buonconte, by Sailko

The Great Mother of God

23 The Immaculate Conception  Bartolomé Murillo, 1678,

                                                  by Pelagio de las Asturias

24 The Visitation                     Domenico Ghirlandaio, 1491,

                                                  by Jeangagnon

25 The Battle of Lepanto          Yogesh Brahmbatt

                                                  by Mme Grinderche

26 The Birth of John the Baptist Jacopo Pontormo, 1526,

                                                  by Eloquence

27 The Birth of Jesus                Federico Barocci, ca. 1597,

                                                  by Eloquence

28 The Flight to Egypt               Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld,

                                                  1828, by Julius

29 The Finding in the Temple     Holman Hunt, 1860,

                                                  by Dmitry Rozhkov

30 Light of the World                Holman Hunt, 1851,

                                                  by Dmitry Rozhkov

31 The Marriage at Cana            Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld,

                                                  1820, by Eloquence

32 Jesus carrying the Cross        Jean Fouquet, 15th century,

                                                   by Yann

33 The Pieta                           Michelangelo, St Peter’s Basilica                                                    by Glimz

34 Bernadette Soubirous            Lourdes Rosary Shrine

                                                   by Tkarcher

35 The Assumption of the Virgin Mary  Charles le Brun

                                                   by Haguard


36 Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Chesham Bois

                                              Fr Bernard Davenport

37 After Confirmation                 Fr Bernard Davenport

38 St Peter                               Petr Jan Brandl, 1724,

                                                   by Xosema

39 St John                                El Greco, ca. 1600,

                                                   by Eloquence

40 Pentecost                             Jean Restout, 1732, by Oxxo

41 St Peter preaching at Pentecost Benjamin West

                                                   by Capt Phoebus

42 First Vatican Council   1870 drawing in St Peter’s                                                    Basilica by Wenceslaus2

The Story of the Mass

43 Elevation of the Host     Picture taken at the London                                                    Oratory,14 September 2007

                                                   by Vernon Quaintance

44 The Tau Chalice                     in Reims cathedral by Vassil

45 Gregory the Great              in the style of Carlo Saraceni,                                                    ca. 1610, by Helix84

46 The Death of St Stephen         Gustave Doré by Origenos

47 The Colosseum                      Giovanni Piranesi, ca. 1750,

                                                   by Clop

48 The Catacombs of Naples      from Rodwell’s ‘South by East’                                                    by Liftarn

49 St Justin                               André Thevet, 1584 by Tomisti

50 Christian Martyrs                    Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1883,

                                                   by Mattes

51 The Crucifixion - Consummatus  Est Michelangelo, 1540,

                                                   by Magopi

52  Discovery of the True Cross    Giovanni Tiepolo, 1745,

                                                   by Shakko

53 St Gregory                             Jacques Laudin, 17th century,

                                                   by Vassil

54 St Augustine                          St Petersberg Bede, ca. 740,

                                                   by Johnbod

55 The Basilica of St John Lateran The facade by Alessandro

                                                Galilei, 1735,

                                                   by Berthold Werner

56 Corpus Christi procession in Mrzezyno, Poland, 2010,

                                                   by JDavid

57 Corpus Christi procession at Farnborough Hill, 1959,

                                                   from Mrs Julia Ashenden

58 The Council of Nicea   from a Fresco in the Sistine Chapel

                                                   by P. Vasiliadis

59 Salisbury Cathedral                    by Andrew Dunn

60 Monte Cassino at dusk, December 2004    by Halibutt

61 La Sainte Chapelle, Paris            by Mael Vreizh

62 Greek Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew   by P. Vasiliadis

63 Martin Luther                         Lucas Cranach the Elder,

                                                   1529, by Joakao

64 Edward VI                             William Scrots, ca. 1550,

                                                   by Thomas Gun

65 Pope Pius V                           El Greco, ca. 1605,

                                                   by Eloquence

66 La Grande Chartreuse Monastery  by Eusebius

67 Pope Paul VI                             by Albarrios

68 St Thomas Aquinas                 Benozzo Gozzoli, 1468-1484,

                                                   by Markus Mueller

69  St Augustine of Hippo            Sandro Botticelli, ca. 1480,

                                                   by Eloquence

70 Fr Adrian Fortescue                 from Adrian Fortescue:

                                                A Memoir, 1924, by Alekjds

71 Faith                   Piero del Pollaiolo, 1470, Uffizi, by Sailko

72 Hope                   Piero del Pollaiolo, 1470, Uffizi, by Sailko

73 Charity                Piero del Pollaiolo, 1470, Uffizi, by Sailko

74 Prudence             Piero del Pollaiolo, 1470, Uffizi, by Sailko

75 Justice                Piero del Pollaiolo, 1470, Uffizi, by Sailko

76 Temperance         Piero del Pollaiolo, 1470, Uffizi, by Sailko

77 Fortitude             Sandro Botticelli, 1470, Uffizzi,

                                                    by Fernando S Aldado

Prayers and Hymns

78 Sermon on the Mount              Carl Heinrich Bloch, ca. 1877,

                                                    by Mladifilozof

79 Corpus Christi in Campos         Père Claudiomar

80 The Queen of Heaven              Rubens, ca. 1620, Musées

                                                Royaux des Beaux-Arts,

                                                Brussels, by Eloquence

81 Pentecost                              Most Holy Trinity Church,

                                                Fulnek, Czech

                                                    by Petrus Adamus


82 Panorama of Mont Blanc           by Digon3

83 German soldiers in East Germany  Deutsches Bundesarchiv

84 German and Russian soldiers    Unknown

85 The Immaculate Heart of Mary  Unknown

86 The Monastery at Aiguebelle    Unknown

87 Mère Marie Antoinette             Fr Davenport

88 Père Marie-Jean                      Fr Davenport

89 The Chapel at Valchevrière       by Eric Lapeyre

90 St Benedict                            Fra Angelico, ca. 1440, San

                                                Marco Museum in Florence,

                                                    by Eloquence

91 Sacred Heart Statue                Mrs Josée Turle

92 Fr Frederick Faber                   Engraving by Joseph Brown

                                                    by Magnus Manske

93 The Chapel in the 1940s          Holy Child Jesus Convent

                                                    in Edgbaston

94 Farnborough Hill                     Old photograph date unknown

95 The Empress Eugènie              Franz Winterhalter, 1861,

                                                    by Kaho Mitsuki

96 Farnborough Hill now               Farnborough Hill

97 Harvest Festival in the Chapel  Farnborough Hill

98 Sister Bickford                        Sister Hawkins

99 Sister Alexander                     Sister Hawkins

100 Sister Hawkins                      Sister Hawkins

101 Sister Rennie                        Sister Hawkins

102 The Chapel in the 1950s         from the Author’s records

103 The Staff Room                     from the Author’s records

104 Sister Hawkins by the Stove    from the Author’s records

105 ‘Peeling Spuds’                      from the Author’s records

106 ‘Washing up’                         from the Author’s records

107 One of the ‘Flats’ today          Farnborough Hill

108 Flowers on a drive                 Sister Hawkins

109 LaFosse House                      Farnborough Hill

110 Sister Bickford                      Sister Hawkins

111 Lourdes Torchlight Procession  2007    by Multichill

112 The Garden at LaFosse House Farnborough Hill

113 The Nun’s Cemetery               Farnborough Hill

114 St Michael’s Abbey                 The Abbott

115 The Interior of St Michael’s Abbey    The Abbott

116 Embroidery detail from Vestment     The Abbott

117 Sacred Heart Statue & Candle  Mrs Josée Turle and Zauber